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At Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama we take nothing more seriously than the safety and well-being of our members. As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to be of concern in Alabama, our nation, and the world, we will take all possible and appropriate measures to ensure girls continue to have a safe, fun, one-of-a-kind experience at Girl Scouts. We ask that members continue to be diligent in following guidance provided by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Alabama Department of Health, and local health officials.

We have begun accepting Troop Group Activity Applications. Applications for in-state travel with activities provided by approved activity providers, will be reviewed for approval.

Applications for out-of-state travel, utilizing approved activity providers, will be evaluated on case-by-case basis.

PROHIBITED ACTIVITIES: Applications that include activities where equipment is shared and cannot be properly sanitized between users, or where social distancing cannot be maintained, or where compliance with CDC guidelines cannot be ensured will not be approved. Some examples include: rock climbing, ropes course, zip lines, theatres, indoor skydiving, trampoline parks (indoor and outdoor), inflatables, amusement parks, etc.

Troop and Family Summer Camp Rental

Camps Coleman, Cottaquilla, and Trico will be open, beginning July 6, for family and troop camping with certain restrictions. Our priority is to make camps as safe as possible for our members, but we also recognize that many members still want outdoor activities.

Families and Troops must enforce social distancing and other safety measures consistent with the State of Alabama’s Amended Safer at Home guidelines. Any group activity where compliance with CDC guidelines for social distancing cannot be maintained will not be allowed on camp property.

Availability is limited and will be processed in the order received.

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Activities that may be available, depending on location and availability:

Swimming, boating, target sports, etc.


The following COVID-19 safety protocols are in place:

• Reservation requests for multiple troops occupying the same camping area at one time will not be approved.

Camp playgrounds and other public spaces are closed. (Dining halls, gym, conference center, picnic shelters, etc.)

• Troops/families will not participate in activities with other troops/families.

• Bathrooms will be specifically assigned. Please do not use any bathroom other than the one assigned to your troop/family.

• Kitchens and cook shelters will be specifically assigned. Please do not use any kitchen/cook shelter other that the one assigned to your troop/family.

• Capacity of units is reduced, as needed to allow for social distancing. 50% capacity in most lodges; max of 3 people per small cabin, except for Family Camping.

• Troop and group leaders are required to enforce maximum capacity and head to foot sleeping in order to ensure social distancing between campers from separate household.

• Lifeguards will be provided at Camp Trico and Camp Coleman on specific dates for troops and families utilizing the camp accommodations. Advance camping reservations and additional fees are required.

• Troops who have their own lifeguard may use the pool for an additional fee.

• Troops who have their own certified instructors may reserve boats or archery equipment at the regular rental fees.

• Specific sanitizing protocols for activity equipment will be posted, and troops/families are required to enforce them.

• Because they cannot be sanitized between users and because social distancing requirements cannot be maintained, inflatables will not be deployed at Camp Trico this year.

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Important Troop Travel Information

Is your troop planning a trip or an activity away from your regular meeting place? We LOVE when our troops travel around the state, southeast, or further! Use the information below to be sure you are in the know about the most current information available.

GSUSA prohibits the use of individual providers for any Girl Scout related activity that requires lodging AND/OR transportation. SAC reference: “Uber, Lyft, Curb, and similar ridesharing companies are not permitted to transport girls because the safety, credibility, and insurance of the drivers is far more difficult to qualify than that of traditional or well-known charter and rental companies.” “The use of Airbnb and other private rentals is not permitted. The safety, credibility, and insurance requirements of private rentals are difficult to qualify compared to traditional commercial properties.

Before Taking any Trip

Troop and activity leaders should thoroughly review the current version of Volunteer Essentials, which includes additional information regarding trip, travel, safety and activity approval. Girl Scout Juniors and above should be actively encouraged to read and be familiar with all travel and activity information so that they can be engaged partners in determining where, when and how they travel or participate in activities.

Special note for Daisy and new troop leaders: The council strongly advises leaders of Daisies and other new troops to follow a progression beginning with short local trips and advancing to longer trips. This will allow the adults to monitor how the girls and adults interact and the readiness of the girls to travel without an accompanying parent.

Before taking any trip or travel:

·       The troop leader and/or other approved adults must have successfully completed required background check, driver safety checklist, and trainings (1st Aid/CPR, GS 101 & S’more Basics) before taking trips.

·       The leader(s) and other approved adults must be aware of their basic responsibilities as listed in the Volunteer Position Description appropriate to their roles, and have completed all required basic training that may be attached to that position.

A Troop Group Activity application is required when:

o   The trip is more than 2 nights

o   The trip is outside the council jurisdiction

o   The trip includes these activities (camping, family camping, swimming, boating, paddleboard, whitewater, tubing, rock climbing, caving, target/shooting sports, skiing, skating, horseback riding, ropes course, climbing sports, trampoline parks, etc.) Providers of these activities must be preapproved as part of the trip approval process.

o   Any of the planned locations or activities requires the signing of a hold harmless or liability waiver.

o   Submit in your completed form 3 weeks prior to your event, unless it is an international trip, which is a minimum of 6 months in advance of departure.

o   ALL completed activity applications must be submitted to

·       Additionally, the leader(s) and other approved adults must be aware of any special activity requirements as listed in this document, other Safety Activity Checkpoints, Volunteer Essentials and Guide to Camping.

·       It is important for Council to know where you and your Girl Scouts are, and what you are doing, but this is for YOUR protection! Without Council approval of your trip, GSUSA insurance will NOT cover you in the event of an accident. 

Remember to keep your trips ‘girl-led.’ Start with simple, close-to-home trips, then as girls succeed with planning those, move on to longer or more complex trips. If girls are not able to choose the what/when/where/who and how of a trip, it may not be age-appropriate! As you help, girls choose and plan their trips, be sure they use these Travel Guidelines.