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The Board Development Committee for Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama (GSNCA) is pleased to announce the call for National Council Delegates to represent GSNCA at the 2023 National Council Session/56th Convention, July 16-23, 2023, in Orlando, Florida. Application forms must be completed and returned to GSNCA by October 31, 2021. No late applications will be considered.

Every three years, Girl Scouts from across the country gather together at the National Council Session (NCS) and Convention to reinvigorate our membership, deepen our commitment to our Movement and celebrate our successes.

Each Girl Scout council is entitled to send a specified number of Delegates to serve as voting members of the National Council. Delegates and Alternates are selected by our Board Development Committee from the applications received. Recommended candidates will be presented on a single slate to our council membership for selection during our GSNCA Annual Meeting April 9, 2022.

What is a National Delegate?

National Delegates and Alternates MUST serve for three (3) years and attend the National Council Session, a meeting of Girl Scouts nationwide, that happens every three years.

What do National Delegates do?

  • Elect the National Board of Directors and the National Nominating Committee for the upcoming triennium.
  • Act on proposals directed toward the fostering and improvement of Girl Scouting.
  • Receive a report from the National Board of Directors on its stewardship of the Movement in the past three years.

GSNCA firmly believes that girl members, ages 14 (as of 10/15/2021) to 18, should have a voice in this process; therefore at least one third of our elected Delegates will be girl members. Girl delegates must also serve three (3) years so they must be in the 8th to 10th grade to apply and serve. GSNCA is also committed to ensuring that the diversity of our council is represented: geographic, racial and ethnic, and religious. GSNCA pays National Council Delegate expenses.

Those who are chosen must agree:

  • To travel during the July 16-23, 2023 dates.
  • To participate in all training, planning, and preparation sessions leading up to the National Council Session.
  • To report on the NCS to their communities and as requested to other Girl Scout meetings and events, upon returning from the conference.

If you have questions about the Delegate process, please email us at or call (205-453-9524).

Position Description

Delegate Self Evaluation Matrix

National Delegate Application

The National Council Delegate process should not be confused with the Service Unit Delegate process. SU Delegates will not be attending the NCS: they are responsible for representing their Service Unit at the GSNCA Annual Meeting. National Council Delegates represent GSNCA at the GSUSA National Council Session.