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Our council lockup and trefoil are at the bottom of the page.
Please read the usage guidelines before downloading.
Email us before use. Thanks!


Questions about branding? Email our communications team. 


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The words "Scout," "Scouts" and "Scouting" should never appear without the modifier "Girl," and each word should be capitalized.

Also, we are "Girl (singular) Scouts," not "Girls Scouts." We are a part of a national organization called Girl Scouts of the USA. "Girl Scouts of America" should never be substituted for "Girl Scouts of the USA."

Following are guidelines for using our council name:

  • "Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama" should always have a hyphen between "North" and "Central."
  • When the full name of the council is used for the first time in a document, it should be followed by the abbreviation "GSNCA." Thereafter, the abbreviation may be used instead of the full name.
  • The word "council" is not a part of o​ur name. (For example, we should never refer to ourselves as the "North-Central Alabama Council.")
  • Capitalization is not necessary for the word "council".
  • Legacy Council names should no longer be used (i.e. please use Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama instead of referencing Cahaba Girl Scout Council, Tombigbee Girl Scout Council, Girl Scouts of North Alabama or Cottaquilla Girl Scout Council.

The Girl Scouts of North-Central lockup consists of the three profiles (the logo) accompanied by the logotype ("Girl Scouts®") and council name set in specific proportions. Standard usage guidelines include:

  • They may be reproduced only from approved artwork. Other versions are obsolete.
  • They may never be redrawn, reproportioned, or modified in any way.
  • If a larger or smaller version is required, image must be reduced or enlarged so the proportions remain exactly as designed.
  • The symbols may never be pulled apart from the logotype and used as separate design elements.
  • They should not be shaded or screened.
  • The Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama lockup should be used in its two-color format when possible: black words, and a green trefoil.  
  • When reproducing the service mark on a dark background, it should be reversed out (printed white).
  • If the logo will be placed on a one-color item (T-shirt or promotional item), the logo may be used in that one color – but it should all be in that color.  i.e., if it is a purple T-shirt with pink writing, the logo may appear in pink (including the trefoil).
  • The trefoil may be used alone, but it must always be printed in a shade of green as close to PMS 355 as possible.
  • The trefoil may not have any graphics or photos inside it.
  • Those wishing to reproduce the Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama lockup  must submit a written request. A proof from a vendor must be provided (if applicable) to be approved as well.
    • A Marketing Agreement is required for outside organizations wishing to use our logo. Contact the communications department to discuss.


T-Shirt Guidelines

Do :

  • Get the logo from an approved source (our website or email.) Other versions are obsolete.
  • Follow the logo usage and other branding guidelines.
  • Provide the vendor's proof to us via email for approval.


  • Put artwork or words around the council lockup or trefoil. The Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama logo should stand alone.
  • Manipulate the logo's colors. Use the logo usage guidelines to help you, or ask the communications department.​



GSNCA Trefoil


Brand Colors