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We hope you have enjoyed spending Girl Scout week with GSNCA. Gather your family or troop to try out this closing candlelight ceremony honoring our founder Juliette Gordon Low.

Closing Ceremony As part of the closing for the event, hold a candle ceremony with the girls. This is a modified candle ceremony that will work in person or fit the virtual format. You can use a real flame, an LED or even a paper candle. You will need to have 4 people agree to help with this ceremony ahead of time by reciting one part of the ceremony and lighting a candle. Then, each girl will need their own candle or candle representative for the last part of the ceremony.

☙ Speaker 1: I light this candle for Juliette Low, our Girl Scout founder. Even though we lost the personal presence of our founder in 1927, her spirit has led us constantly to greater growth and fellowship. Today there are over three and a half million Girl Scouts in the United States. (light candle)

☙ Speaker 2: Juliette Low’s heart’s desire was to bring love and understanding to all girls in every land. Her dream is coming true, for today Girl Scouts and Girl Guides have members around the world. I light this candle to all Girl Scouts and Girl Guides the world over. (light candle)

☙ Speaker 3: When you became Girl Scouts, you made a Promise. Let us here rededicate ourselves by repeating our Girl Scout Promise. Hold Girl Scout sign and say the Girl Scout Promise together. (light candle)

☙ Speaker 4: Whenever we meet together, whether in person or virtually, we strengthen our friendship and sisterhood. Let us all light our candles together to a symbol of this sisterhood. (girls “light” their candles) End by singing “Make New Friends” before everyone extinguishes their candles.