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Parent/Guardian /Girl Agreement

As a parent or guardian, I am committed to ensuring the success of my daughter and acknowledge my role in her participation in Girl Scouts. I understand that ALL troop leaders and adult helpers are UNPAID volunteers and respect that they are giving their time freely to help girls learn to make the world a better place and become leaders.

I agree to the following:

I will honor all commitments I make to the troop and always behave in a way that sets a good example for my daughter and others and refrain from behavior that may undermine the leadership of a GS activity/event.

I will help my daughter understand that everyone is of equal importance and will encourage my daughter to appreciate and show respect for the opinions of others.

I will exhibit cooperative behavior in my interaction with others while recognizing that there are different perspectives and methods that enrich our Girl Scout community.

I will use good judgement in my appearance and dress that is presentable and appropriate and encourage my daughter to do the same.

I will complete the girl registration online or paper form and pay the annual national membership fees. (No girl is denied membership because of an inability to pay).

I will be prepared for activities and submit requested permission slips, dues and materials in a timely manner.

I will bring my daughter to the troop meeting regularly and on time and pick my daughter up promptly. I will not send my daughter to a troop meeting/trip if she is not well.

I will inform the leader if there are any circumstances that may affect my daughter’s welfare or behavior and will include information with regard to individuals who may or may not pick up my daughter, supported with legal documentation if required.

I will assist the leader in providing a quality experience by offering time, resources, and/or talents.

I will not post names, images, or videos of the girls on social media without permission of the girl’s guardian or use any form of social media to share Girl Scout concerns, complaints, or disagreements.

I will communicate concerns through proper channels, not in the presence of the girls, and should I have a complaint or problem, I will share a suggested solution. I agree to be direct and honest and willing to listen to other’s honest and direct opinions.

I will follow Girl Scout safety guidelines and encourage my daughter to do the same and refrain from use of drugs, tobacco, and alcohol at Girl Scout meetings, trips, and events.

I, ___________________ agree to accept the Girl Scout Promise and Law and display appropriate behavior at all times.

Girl’s Name and signature: ___________________________________ Date: ________________

Parent Signature: __________________________________________ Date: _________________

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