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A kaper is a camp chore, and a kaper chart is a division of jobs that allows everyone an opportunity to help. Kapers are dependent on individual groups, some groups may need to specify certain jobs for girls while others may choose not to. Below is a list of kaper examples, as well as examples for charts that can be created, but encourage girls to make their own list of kapers. Enlisting girls in creating their groups kaper chart gives them ownership and a sense of pride in the work they will complete.

To make a kaper chart, determine the types of work that needs to be accomplished, then decide how the work should be divided. From this list of jobs a kaper chart will form. Feel free to make more than one kaper chart as well; you might find it easier to have one chart for day to day chores and a different one for camp clean up chores. Kapers can change meal to meal, or even day to day, it’s up to you. The best part about kaper charts is that they are what you make them! To determine who is in charge of each chore each day or each meal, make pins or clips for each girl. These pins can be moved around to different sections to show the girls who are in charge of each job and to help them keep each other accountable. Reminder, a kaper chart is not meant to keep girls from helping each other finish tasks and contributing, but to set guidelines and expectations for the girls to participate and be responsible.


Day to day/Meal to meal:

Activity/Supply: These girls would obtain and return equipment or supplies needed for the activities the unit had planned for the day

Cooks: Help leaders in cooking the meal for the troop

Fire Builders: Ensure all materials for the fire are available- fuel, water- then build and maintain the fire

Hostesses: Decorate the eating area and ensure it clean before eating

Grace: Determine what grace to sing before meal then lead it, as well as other songs if time is available

Clean-up: Clean the dishes and cooking area following the meal made by the cooks

Camp Clean-up:

Kitchen: These girls will be sure all utensils used over the course of the campout are cleaned and put away, be sure the floors are swept and mopped (if applicable)

Bathroom: Clean the toilets, showers, and sinks, then be sure to sweep and mop the floors

Shelter/Cabins: Sweep out the cabins/shelter and double-check that all personal belongings have been removed

Help Leader Load Up: Help the leader pack up all of their stuff, as it often includes a lot of materials the trooped used for the campout, and assist them in being ready to leave when the rest of the troop does