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New Journeys and Badges


New Journeys are adding on to the choices that girls and volunteers already have. Every Journey (whether new or old) is topic-specific, includes hands-on activities, and incorporates Discover, Connect and a Take Action project. Depending upon the content, some Journeys are shorter and some are longer, but they have been made simpler to use and easier to deliver. There will be no physical books for the new Journeys. 

Anchored by the Troop Camping badge, this new Journey will deepen girls' outdoor skills through badges that lead to a Take Action project and inspire girls to take an interest in environmental stewardship.
Engineering | Think Like an Engineer: Girls learn how to think like a designer by participating in hands-on design challenges and completing a Take Action project.
Computer Science | Think Like a Programmer Girls participate in interactive computational-thinking activities to learn how programmers solve problems. Girls also complete a Take Action project

Outdoor STEM | Think Like a Citizen Scientist: Girls learn the scientific method by undertaking a citizen science project that involves making observations, collecting data, and working with scientists to receive feedback on research and findings. Girls also complete a Take Action project.
Engineering | Robotics: Girls design their own robots after learning how they're built and programmed. "Unplugged" activities allow girls to earn badges without buying kits.

Engineering | Mechanical Engineering: Girls complete hands-on engineering activities, such as building and testing roller coasters, race cars, and jumping robots.

Girls' Choice | Troop Camping: This year, girls from across the United States had the chance to vote for their favorite badge category and topic. And the winner is...Troop Camping!

New Daisy Badges: Two new Daisy badges, Outdoor Art Maker and Good Neighbor, give Daisies a chance to get in on the creativity other Girl Scouts already enjoy and discover all about their school, city or town, and state!

GSNCA’s Girls Go Tech is a STEM program-in-a-box that offers engaging hands-on projects and activities. The programs-in-a-box are portable, easy-to-use kits that introduce girls to engineering and science. The projects highlight the engineering design process which encourages girls to brainstorm, design, build, test, and re-design. This experience gives girls a flexible, practical approach to problem solving that they can apply to a wide range of situations.

Troops and service units may check out a Techbridge kit by contacting Destini Anderson at