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Board of Directors

Name Title Term
Karen Peterlin CEO, Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama 2019
Pamela Copeland President 2019
Michael Butts First Vice President/Property 2018
Cynthia Smothers Second Vice President/HR 2019
Jackie Gardner Secretary 2018
Marlene Brown Treasurer 2018
Linda Albritton CEO Evaluation Chair 2018
Carol Covell Delegate Coordinator 2018
Katrina Cade HR Chair 2018
Onna Cunningham Communications Chair 2018
Keith Miller Audit Chair 2018
Ellie Sternberg  Finance 2019
Alice Gordon Communications Fund Development 2019
Sheri Cain Communications Fund Development 2019
Jean Lynch BOC/Property 2019
Kevin McNamee Executive 2019
Meredith Smith Finance Chair 2019
Sally Smith Property 2019
Regan Malone Communications 2019
Kristi Smith HR/CEO Evaluation 2019
Catherine Martin Communicatons/Fund Development 2019
Elana Barber Older Girl - Non Voting Member 2018
Isabel Estes Older Girl - Non Voting Member 2018
Koshini Datta Older Girl - Non Voting Member 2018