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Fall Product Program

To participate in this year's fall product program, contact your Service Unit Manager!

This activity provides troops with a great opportunity to earn proceeds to start the new Girl Scout year. These delicious nuts and candies as well as popular magazines make great gifts since delivery is before the holidays. 

September 18 – fall product program begins

October 14 – Girl fall program order taking ends

November 4-8 – Fall product will be delivered to the SU Fall Manager

December 4 – ACH Withdrawal for Fall Sale

Benefits of Program Sale Activity to Girl Scouts

All of the proceeds generated from product sales stay in the North-Central Alabama Council to support Girl Scouting in our area, including the portion that goes directly to the troop/group selling the products. Proceeds earned are not the property of individual girls - they are distributed according to a Council plan to benefit all girls involved in Girl Scouting through program activities, Council resources and scholarship funds for girl program participation, service projects and travel. To order, contact your favorite Girl Scout.

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