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Camp Coleman

Available at Camp Coleman:

  • Troop Camping – all facilities are available
  • Staffed program activities – canoeing, fishing, archery, teambuilding, and more
  • Retreats & Group services – rentals and services for non-member groups
  • Family camping, family reunions, church picnics, and school field trips.

For more information or reservations, call 800-734-4541
Please contact us for camp availability

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4010 Camp Coleman Road
Trussville, AL 35173

Please note: Bridge at front entrance is out.
Please proceed past the front gate, up the hill on North Lake Drive, to the secondary entrance.


Available August 13& 27, September 10 &24. October 1, 15, 29
Min 10 /Max 16. $15 per person.

Completes most of the horseback riding badge requirements. 
Availabilty Varies
9 am-12pm or 1-3 pm. 
Min 10 /max 14. $30 per person

3 hour horseback ride to camp attractions such as Purple Daisy Point, the trestle, graveyard or ropes course.  
$50 per person min 3 max 5. 

Horseback riding lessons $50 per girl

Activities Available at Camp Coleman
  • Archery
  • Horses
  • Canoeing
  • Climbing wall (indoor)
  • High ropes
  • Low ropes
  • Swimming pool
  • Open air gymnasium with stage
  • Kayaking
  • Creek tubing
  • Crafts
  • Nature/Environmental
  • Fishing
  • Songs, Games, and Skits
  • Hiking trails
  • Orienteering (map & compass)
  • Outdoor skills (knife safety, knots, firebuilding, etc.)
  • Water games
  • Challenge adventure activities, campfire, cookout, flag ceremony, etc.



Camp Coleman Pricing